ND-Tiwari-BJPDo you support BJP’s decision to induct Sex Scandal tainted ND Tiwari to the party despite the fact that he denigrated the sanctity and dignity of a place like Raj Bhavan to fulfill his high libido?

Tapan Kumar Mishra: I don’t support…

Sachida Nanda Swain: BJP is known to do such harakiri which is nothing but arrogance. They have 72 MPs from here and opinion polls have given little edge over other parties which is making them feel confident and doing such rubbish things. Now after SP drama to give a clean image to Akhilesh, and a Mahagathbandhan in making in similar lines of Bihar, they are in trouble for sure. I strongly condemn this and it will further dent BJP’s image.

Naresh Mishra Kunal: No…never

Dipti Ranjan Jena: I do not support & even do not give attention to that tainted man.

Niharika Das: Now all his sins will be washed away with a deep plunge into the sacred river of BJP. Gharwapasi everywhere…

Sangram Keshari Nepak: Yes….I support….as now he is in right place for his previous deeds….& also now he become as sacred as Gangajal….

Bharat Mishra: No. It’s not good.

Umasankar Sahu: After analysing N.D. Tiwari’s whole profile and his past scandal issue.. I also feel it’s unfortunate that BJP took him. His son Rohit Shekhar’s joining is not controversial, but N.D. Tiwari in BJP and Amit shah and his core team’s strategy to take him to BJP, seems shameful. I would like to say to the National BJP leaders, that power is always not a big thing.. Party should not lose its ideological values.

Bhawani Mahapatra: I am against the unwarranted inclusion of opportunists who jump here and there just before election. Particularly leaders from Congress who are ideologically opposite should not be considered, else it would result in dilution of ideology. As far as ND Tiwari is concerned, he’s already outdated, and barred by age.

Jagannath Mahapatra: No, Not at all, making India good is a long-standing demand, not a short-coming demand. So, they should not be in hurry. BJP is a good party, it has to continue well.

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak: Never I support. But in plutocracy, probity doesn’t count.

Satya Ranjan Swain: No, I never support this. Don’t understand why BJP take this type of decisions sometimes. Nothing to gain by inducting such type of characterless and outdated leaders. They will be bound to reverse their decision after the outrage.

Prasant Rai: No..Not at All.

Amitav Khilar: It was not needed.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Disheartened…. An ideological difference.

Jyotsna Devi Mardaraj: I believe in #BJP and #AmitShah and whatever decision he has taken must be beneficial for the party, I am sure! Sometimes, momentary benefits are recommended to throw out some #creepyCreatures.

Balakrushna Patra: A fault is fault. Nothing can compensate it.

Barendra Kumar: What more can be expected from them….? So sad…. and disgusting…But..very much expected… Because of their nature of inconsistent stand……which remains inconsistent. For their madness for power….

Srinibas Panda: Yes I do support! N D Tiwari is now at 91. He is not able to contribute to politics anymore, whereas his son Rohit Shekhar is not yet controversial, so I support.

Chakradhar Sarangi: Very bad decision.

Susanta Sahoo: In this case, I don’t support.

Satyanarayan Gantayat: A party with no difference.

Rajalaxmi Patra: What is the need of inducting him? He is a burden on our country…a shameless creature.

Sudhi Ranjan Jeet: It’s their (BJP) internal matter. But, yes we can just say not expected from BJP because of their style of politics right now to show neat and clean.

Mohammad Suffian: Feeling sorry & horrid for Anandiben Patel… Poor Anandiben had to resign as CM before turning 75 to make way for ‘younger generation’ & ND Tiwari gets inducted into BJP at the age 91. Is some way Amit Shah cleansing Congress (ND)?

Tusarkanta Satapathy: ND Tiwari inducted at 91, while Advani Ji and Co was driven out under above 75 yr clause.

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan: No, it’s not a right decision to take him to party..He is in a position to do nothing and no craze behind him. BJP’s National Team may have to rethink over it after getting feedback from all aspects.

Simanchala Mishra: ND is a lost force. In his 90s, he can contribute nothing. When people like Advani, Joshi, Jaswant Sinha, Govindacharya have no role to play, what can this old war horse do? It will just prove that BJP too has no ideology, it wants to capture UP & UK by hook or crook. Well, there should be no harm in inducting ND’s son in the party if he is not tainted. The son should not be targeted for his father’s wrongdoings.

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Do you support BJP's decision to induct Sex Scandal tainted ND Tiwari to the party despite the fact that he denigrated the sanctity and dignity of a place like Raj Bhavan to fulfill his high libido? Tapan Kumar Mishra: I don't support... Sachida Nanda Swain: BJP is known to do such...